About Us

Union Labor Retirement Association (ULRA) was organized in 1962. Labor Leaders in the Portland Building Trade Movement united and organized a non-profit corporation for the sole purpose of providing housing for seniors. In essence, its goals were to provide housing and related facilities and services for the elderly on a non-profit basis. Their dreams were realized with the first three Union Manors: Westmoreland’s Union Manor (1966), Marshall Union Manor (1974) and Kirkland Union Manor I (1980).

The Union Retirement Association (URA) was formed in 1983 for the construction of Kirkland Union Manor II (1985) located on the same campus as Kirkland Union Manor I. Then in 1993, Kirkland Union Manor Association (KUMA) was formed for the construction of Kirkland Union Manor III (1995), the last building phase on the Kirkland site. Then in 2000, Kirkland Union Plaza Association (KUPA), was formed for the construction of Kirkland Union Plaza (2002) located in Vancouver, Washington. Most recently in 2022 we acquired an existing 50 unit affordable senior housing community to preserve much needed housing for seniors in the SE Portland area, its name is Kirkland Annex . We are proud to say that we provide quality housing to more than 1,000 Portland and Vancouver area seniors.

The Board of Directors for the ULRA, URA, KUMA and KUPA provide guidance in the operation of the Union Manors. Founder and original Board President Earl B. Kirkland served on the Board for forty-seven years and remains the cornerstone of ULRA. Current President Dean Kirkland (2016), the Board of Directors, and the Union Manors are an exhibition of true dedication, generosity, and thoughtfulness. They believe that the true essence of a retirement home is not the concrete, mortar, and steel of which it is built, but the hearts that beat within its walls. Various local unions have been represented on the ULRA Board and have been supportive and generous, donating much over the years.