Kirkland Union Plaza’s Application

Forms To Read

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All Documents to Read

  • Prospective Resident Letter (Print)
  • Kirkland Union Plaza Brochure (Print)
  • Union Manors Brochure (Print)
  • Criteria For Residency (Print)
  • Notification of Nondiscrimination On Basis Of Handicapped Status (Print)
  • Reasonable Accommodation Notification (Print)
  • Application Attachment – Change Of Address Notification (Print)

Forms to Complete

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Application – 1 Person

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Application – 2 Person

  • Application For Residency (Print)
  • Application Attachment – Head of Household (Print)
  • Smoking Policy Disclosure (Print)
  • Supplement to Application for Federally Assisted Housing (Print)
  • Notification And Acknowledgement (Print)
  • Tenant Data (Print)
  • Reference Checklist (Print)
  • Race and Ethnic Data Reporting Form (Print)
    (2 Person Application – each Applicant needs to complete their own)
  • Handicap/Disabled Status Information Request (Print)
    (Couple Application – each Applicant needs to complete their own)

When The Above Forms Are Completed Mail To:

Kirkland Union Plaza
1414 Kauffman Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98660

Include a photocopy of Picture ID and Social Security card for each applicant.

All required paperwork must be received before your Application can be reviewed.

Please call if you have any questions 360-694-4314.